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With the 2008R1 release (and later), you can set up an item to be valid for only those promotions under which it has been specifically defined as a promotion item at CPNPMO/ITM.

When this setting is used, the item cannot be added under a different promotion, even when the promotion is set up to allow additional items.  This would allow you, for example, to protect an item from being sold under the wrong promotion---one intended for another owning organization, for example.

Defining the item at INVDAT

Order Entry The order entry edit that prohibits addition of promotion-exclusive items to "non-participating" promotions is in place at the following places:

  • Order entry views (e.g., MSTDAT/FST, /CIR)
  • Uploads (e.g., CIR125, PRO301)
  • Web orders

If you try to add a "promotion exclusive" item to an order under a promotion that it is not defined on, you will receive a message alerting you that the item is exclusive to specific promotion codes, and cannot be ordered under that promotion.

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