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Geoff Bunce is the newest member of the support center staff, reporting to Scott Ghormley. Geoff joined ACS in August, and has been working diligently to learn Advantage and Support Center procedures. He finds it “challenging, but fun,” and thinks it’s interesting to see how various clients use Advantage in different ways.

Technical support, however, is not new to Geoff, as he joins ACS after three years providing client tech support for an accounting software company. There he honed his problem-solving skills and learned the finer points of troubleshooting technical issues, including the art of asking the right questions to get at the root of an issue.

Geoff’s educational background is rich and varied. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Northern Michigan University, but before long found that he was more interested in business. By this time, he and his wife Rhonda---whom he had met at NMU---had moved to Milwaukee. Geoff attended the Keller School of Management of DeVry University in Chicago, where he earned an MBA, as did Rhonda. Geoff worked in the banking industry for a number of years, in mortgage banking and underwriting. These positions taught him how to deal with all sorts of clients and developed his sales ability--more skills that he can put to use here at ACS.  

A native of Waterford, Michigan, Geoff spent four years---from ages 9 to 13---in Mexico, where his family moved when his GM-exec dad was transferred there. As a result, Geoff speaks fluent Spanish.

Geoff and Rhonda live in Ypsilanti, with their two children, 12-year-old son Braden, and 10-year-old daughter Sydney. When he isn’t working, Geoff keeps busy coaching youth sports---currently both football and baseball. And the entire family enjoys watching movies together in their in-home movie theater.

 We welcome Geoff to the AdvantageCS family!

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    Rhonda Bunce says

    Please remove all reference to me and my children to Geoff Bunce. We were separated and are divorced. I want my referee and kids removed. Thank you.

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