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Members Advantage is a fully integrated solution for membership associations, including professional societies, alumni associations, charitable organizations, and clubs. It simplifies management of your organization with a member portal that steps a user through the membership application process, membership renewals, member self-service and payments. Other functions available at the portal include:

  • View membership status
  • Review current benefits including partner benefits
  • Change opt-in/opt-out status of newsletters
  • View and manage donation history
  • Cancel, suspend, renew, or change membership type
  • Update online profile (e.g., new certifications)
  • View Continuing Education Unit progress
  • Pay outstanding balances
  • Browse or search an online directory to discover other members

Built on the Advantage platform, Members Advantage fully integrates with the Advantage solution, including world-class subscription management and conference & event administration. It allows you to handle donations, group renewals, and to offer a vast array of discounts and promotions, including bundles of products and content access. Download this flyer or read this whitepaper for more information.

Marketers will be more effective at discovering member interests and behavior with one, integrated solution which incorporates both the publishing and membership “sides” of the organization. Member services will find all the information they need to provide better care in less time by using Members Advantage.


If your organization accepts donations, Advantage can manage that for you, too. You can solicit and track donations (either as a part of a subscription or separately), and the software also handles recurrent donations through direct debit or credit cards.

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