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Friday Five for October 21 - eCommerce, technology update and human expertise

The number of articles, opinion pieces and blog posts shared on the web every day can be overwhelming, but keeping up with industry trends helps us stay ahead of the curve. Here are 5 topics that captured our attention this week:

  • Close to 70% of publishers are already engaging in eCommerce or currently testing the waters. "With audiences presorted by interests and demographics, [media sites] also become prime venues for product recommendations and affiliate links" according to The Media Briefing
  • PubExec makes the case that human expertise is what can set B2B publishers apart---be it by tapping into their audience's knowledge, by leveraging their staff's expertise for conferences and events, or by providing hybrid "peer-reviewed sponsored articles"
  • At the University of Texas, two researches have studied the reach and profitability of print and online newspapers. Their findings? Putting "digital first" may be a mistake
  • At the FUSE: technology summit, attendees had the chance to learn from publishers that had successfully implemented new tech solutions. However, not every trend lives up to its hype. So which new technologies actually matter for publishers?
  • Facebook and Google are vital sources of traffic for publishers, but turning these site visitors into regular readers or even subscribers takes skill and strategy, reports Digiday


What industry insights have you come across this week? Please share in the comments!

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