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Advantage Feature Presentation

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    First Release of 2010 Offers Cool New Features

    Advantage 2010R1 is full of new functionality and cost-saving features.  Here are some highlights: Auto-renewal Chains --With this release, you can set up auto-renewal "chains," which will allow you to step a customer through a series of structured offers with each CIR350 auto-renewal of the subscription.  For example, the initial offer might be for a basic rate, while term 2 steps the customer up in price, and term 3 offers a "loyalty" premium.  The feature makes use of subscription choices for defining the offers, and the pricing for each step in the chain is up to you. Automatic Migration Path --You can now use the Advantage inventory package feature to set up an "automatic migration" structure, …

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    The Advantage Website Interface Module

    Are you familiar with the Website Interface module?  Lots of clients are using it, but some aren't!!  How can that be?  For all of us, here is a reminder of what this module can do for your organization. The WEB module provides an application programming interface (API), allowing access to the Advantage application from your website(s).  Through this API, on-line, real-time interactions can be conducted in a secure manner between your Advantage production system and your website Its comprehensive features include: ·         Online, real-time entry of orders, and access to subscription, order, and payment data.   Your customers can: view their accounts and order records as of this moment in time; check the status of their product orders; order or renew a …

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    NEW! Business Intelligence Module

    We are pleased to announce the latest Advantage module: Business Intelligence.  You've told us that people in your organization need to be able to get at the vast amount of data in Advantage; that they want meaningful reports, easily accessed and not requiring detailed technical knowledge or deep familiarity with Advantage.  We listened and the BI module is our response. BI offers you 3 main benefits: Meaningful Reports Rather than selecting reports and then running them, you simply go to a website to access reports which will include graphs, pivot tables you can modify and standard "canned" reports.  You can configure your home page to display specific reports of your choice at the time interval of your choice.  Reports include the analysis …

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    Order-Again Promotions

    A customer subscribes to a journal or to content access.  Excellent!  This is the start of a relationship that has some built-in communication points.  These may include the initial invoicing, and at some point, renewal promotions will begin.  A subscription-based relationship has on-going touch-points where the client is involved with your content and continues to purchase access to it in different ways. Unfortunately, these automatic communication points haven't previously existed with product purchases.  Someone buys a book, you collect payment and send it and that relationship is over.  Well, not anymore!  You can now do the same sort of thing with product purchases as you can with subscriptions through the Order Again feature, which is based in the Product …