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Employee Profile

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    John Moore; Engineer and Fire Fighter

    In his five years at ACS, John Moore has made his mark on the software and in client support.  He was part of a team that rewrote MSTDAT/FAST and also worked on converting INVDAT into the new user interface style, which included implementing scripts there.  Although John has always been a member of the software development team led by Howie Brooks, he was tapped three years ago to enter the upgrade and support world in engineering.  John is a key member of the team that works with Agora, Inc. He describes his role as alternating between fire fighter putting out fires, superhero solving issues, and whipping boy (although that happens very rarely). Agora's Daryl Berver has this to say about working with John: "John is great. He has been able to not …

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    Angie Markel: Superior Support Service

     Angie Markel applies the same energy and motivation to her job in the Advantage Support Center as she does to running a marathon, which she has done 4 times (including the Boston Marathon, for which one must qualify).  She is detail-oriented, quick to grasp new concepts and adept at building relationships with the clients with whom she works . Her supervisor, Ev Acton puts it this way:  "Angie is an excellent analyst who works well with all of our clients.  Angie makes sure she understands the customer's needs and ensures that the solutions ACS provides meet those needs.  Angie is a very effective communicator and does a great job of sending alerts to the user community as needed.  In addition, Angie always has a smile on her face and has a …

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    Bob Gray: Voice of Experience

    Bob Gray has the distinction of having more years of seniority at ACS than the company has been in business.  That's because Bob was working at one of the firms that merged to become T & B Computing (the original name of ACS) and was allowed to count his years of service there when T & B Computing was formed.  In his 30+ years here, Bob has witnessed remarkable changes in operating systems, programming languages and software technology.  When he first began his career in computing, he programmed in Fortran for a mainframe computer, even using card decks on occasion, and had to debug using core dumps (or hex dumps).  Access to the computer was through shared terminals in a terminal room, where they were connected via phone modems …

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    Dave Rees: Enterprising Engineer

    Although Dave Rees is a 17-year veteran at ACS, the years are not consecutive.  He was first hired as a new college graduate in 1988.  He worked at ACS (then T & B Computing) for two years in the Trackstar group, a product line that has since been phased out.  He left ACS for a few years and, in the interim, he worked at Unisys and then at a small software company that developed electronic communication software for auto manufacturers and their vendors.  Dave returned to ACS in 1995 and joined the development group led by Karl Davis.  He did a lot of work with Farm Journal, as well as other clients, and then became a lead engineer, working on implementation projects such as Weekly Reader, Massachusetts Medical Society and National Auto Research. …

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    Mona Hidayet: A Technical People-Person

    Mona has always had an aptitude for the technical and, at one time, she considered pursuing a graduate degree in MIS (Master of Information Systems).  This was right out of college as she started her first job, when the companyimplemented a CRM system and the project did not go smoothly.  Mona knew that there were better ways to run projects and she decided to go back to school and learn them.  She determined, however, that being a programmer wouldn't provide her with enough interaction with people and so opted to earn an MBA with a focus on information systems.  After completing her undergraduate degree, Mona worked as an Opportunity Development Representative for a financial software company.  This experience helped her to hone her sales skills, as developing and …

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    Ray Zick: Problem Solving With A Smile

    Some people are natural problem solvers and Ray Zick is definitely one of them, although he prefers to call it solving puzzles.  As the manager of the upgrades and IT department, he is exposed to plenty of puzzles that need to be solved.  Ray can be counted on to do what needs to be done, whatever it may be, and he does so cheerfully and with an unflappable demeanor. "I've known Ray for a long time," says Joe Wixted of Our Sunday Visitor.  "He taught me how to program in RepDef in the early '90s.  Ray's one of those guys that, if you ask him a question and he doesn't know the answer (which I've found to be a rare occasion!), he'll work tirelessly to get the answer.  His "If you can repeat it, we can defeat it!" phrase is legendary!" And, …

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    Paul DesRosiers: May I Schedule Your Upgrade?

    Paul DesRosiers is a man of many talents and he has put them to good use in his 12 years at ACS.  After earning a degree in computer engineering, his first job was as a programmer for a company that developed accounting software.  During his time there, he enrolled in night school at Eastern Michigan University, where he earned an MBA with a concentration in Strategic Quality Management.  Paul still retains his membership in the American Society for Quality. Although he enjoyed programming, Paul wanted to use his business skills as well.  He joined ACS in 1997 as an analyst in the implementation area, and began learning Advantage and the project methodology.  Paul has great memories of working with Caryn Bair on his first …

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    Levi Hyssong: Travailleur Exceptionnel

    Levi started his career at ACS as an intern in the customer service division (CSD).  He was working on his degree in computer science from the University of Michigan at that time, and although he enjoyed programming, he did not want to do that full-time.  He thought that the job in CSD might be better suited to his skills and abilities than an engineering position, and he was right.  As an intern, Levi worked in the Advantage Support Center, led by Ev Acton.  There, he began learning the software and becoming familiar with Advantage clients.  Upon graduation in the spring of 2007, he joined ACS full-time and moved to the Major Projects division under Tim Zapawa. Levi's primary job in Major Projects is managing implementations of Advantage for new clients.  Since …

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    Martha Krieg: Master of Multi-Tasking

    When it comes to Martha Krieg, the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" needs a slight change. In her case, it's "jack of all trades, master of most." The skill set Martha brings to the table is remarkable and yet she is always eager to learn more. She delights in the opportunity to master something new. "Whether it involves tweaking renewal Invoice forms or working with System Upgrades over the years, Martha is thorough, conscientious, and keen on details," says Peter Loftus, of Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS). "She is expedient in tackling problems and issues and she goes out of her way to make herself readily available. She has a great temperament and no job seems too big for Martha."Martha is a member of the Upgrades and IT department led by Ray Zick, …

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