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The Molly Minute

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    Using Coupons

    A coupon is a discount program you set up to offer a percentage or dollar discount on the order, based on certain parameters. You can allow use of the coupon based on such variables as the promotion code on the order line, the specific items ordered, the owning organization of the product ordered, etc. The discount is applied only to the "eligible" lines on the order (such discounts are spread proportionally across the eligible lines). In addition, you can set up a particular coupon to allow/disallow repeated uses by the same bill-to customer and access usage statistics for individual customers, as well as the general stats for a coupon "program"---number of uses, sales with and without the coupon discount, etc.CPNTBL/COU – Coupon SetupYou set up …

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    Process_Notification Capsule

    As of revision 2008R2, Advantage calls a process notification procedure at the end of every process request and can be set up to send a variety of notifications, as you choose. Process_Notification.cap should be put in your advantage\local\custom_cli folder and then modified based on the types of notification desired. When modifying the capsule, place the notification command before the RETURN TRUE line in the boolean Notify procedure. Remember, any capsules must be declared before using them. // Called when a process endsDEFINE BOOLEAN NOTIFY( // Status. FALSE on failureCHARACTER 8 REQ_NAME, // Request nameDATE START_DATE, // date when the process startedCHARACTER 8 START_TIME, // time when the process startedCHARACTER 1 TYPE, // Type of …

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