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    How to Ensure Your Cutover Is Successful

    Change Creates Cutovers

    One constant in any software environment is change.  New tools, new techniques, and new applications are appearing almost daily.  Implementing something new inevitably means there will be a cutover.  Cutover efforts involve stopping production operations on a current system and installing something different.  For some initiatives, this is a small effort and can be accomplished during normal business hours.  For other larger, enterprise-wide initiatives, this means evenings and weekends.  Some projects plan for three-day weekends to limit the downtime on production operations during “normal” business hours.

    High Stakes, Short Timeframe

    These large projects usually have months of effort that have preceded the cutover.  Often, the success of the project is …

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    Penton Upgrade and Consolidation Go Live: More Than Your Typical Upgrade!

    Penton Media, formerly known as Intertec, just completed a comprehensive seven-month project that included an upgrade that took them from Advantage 7.0-0 to Advantage 2008r3. In addition to making an eight-year jump in Advantage revisions, the company consolidated the Penton Media Loveland, Colorado into the upgraded Overland Park, Kansas operation.  The two business units now co-exist in one happily united installation of Advantage at the Kansas location.  To make things even more exciting, the project also involved implementing two new modules, Conference and Event (CEM) and Access Management and Billing (AMB).  This involved several CIR to AMB conversions, some software modifications, and a complete rewrite of their web interface.  Additionally, Overland …

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    The Sky is the Limit With Upgrades!

    AMA was so pleased with the results of their recent upgrade that they sent a sheet cake to ACS, which we all enjoyed. Congratulations to YOU, AMA, on a successful upgrade! The upgrade world has been a busy one so far this year and the pace looks to be picking up even more, as additional clients join the queue. Frequent upgrades benefit you, and they help us as well. For Advantage users, upgrading provides you new features and functionality help you operate your business more efficiently, along with technology enhancements, updates for industry standards, new user interface updates and major module …