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    Friday Five for November 4th - paywalls, analytics, magazine binges, and more

    The number of articles, opinion pieces and blog posts shared on the web every day can be overwhelming, but keeping up with industry trends helps us stay ahead of the curve. Here are 5 topics that captured our attention this week:

    Are paywalls the answer to declining digital ad revenue? FIPP reports on the options

    Consultant John Wilpers shares five tips for the transition from legacy publishing to multi-media platforms

    The recent rise of email newsletters has not only helped publishers to directly engage their audiences, but allows them to experiment with new product ideas

    Magazines Canada recently organized a webinar on how  editors can make use of web analytics. The metrics such as audience size, geography, preferences, likes and wants, can help set editorial priorities …

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    Improving Customer Service Using the Theory of Constraints

    Initiatives to improve a customer’s experience are often focused on the sales cycle or the purchase process.  However, focusing on the dissatisfied customers who contact the call center provides excellent opportunities to turn around customers’ negative experiences.  The benefits can be substantial. In successful organizations, with well-trained reps, calls from dissatisfied customers result in an additional sale as often as 75% of the time.

    This article talks about how to examine the workflow of a call center, and its goal or intent, and then apply the Theory of Constraints continuous improvement steps to that workflow.

    Improvement through the application of the theory of constraints

    The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a paradigm or management theory that states that any manageable …

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    Friday Five for October 21 - eCommerce, technology update and human expertise

    The number of articles, opinion pieces and blog posts shared on the web every day can be overwhelming, but keeping up with industry trends helps us stay ahead of the curve. Here are 5 topics that captured our attention this week:

    Close to 70% of publishers are already engaging in eCommerce or currently testing the waters. "With audiences presorted by interests and demographics, [media sites] also become prime venues for product recommendations and affiliate links" according to The Media Briefing

    PubExec makes the case that human expertise is what can set B2B publishers apart---be it by tapping into their audience's knowledge, by leveraging their staff's expertise for conferences and events, or by providing hybrid "peer-reviewed sponsored articles"

    At the University of Texas, two …

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    Dan Heffernan In Panel Discussion at the FOLIO: Show

    Planning to attend the FOLIO: Show November 1-2 in New York? Then be sure and sit in on the panel discussion including our own Dan Heffernan called “(Audience) Fulfillment’s Evolution and What It Means for You.” The session---held Wednesday, November 2nd at 2:45---will offer insights on where this aspect of the industry is going and ideas for improving your operation. After the session, Dan will be happy to talk with you and take the discussion further. Do stop by! The show is being held at the New York Hilton Midtown.

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    "A Software Update Is Available"

    “Update Is Available.”  “Updates were installed.”  As I move through my day and interact with various pieces of technology, it’s a constant refrain.  When I look down at my phone, I see that a new update is available.  If I dig down into the details, sometimes I see that it’s a seemingly small incremental jump.  Should I update now or wait for a more consequential update to come along?  If it’s a more significant update, do I press forward with getting the latest and best that my device has to offer, or do I opt to just stick with the stable features that I currently know and love?  Even my television now tugs at me to apply updates.  Quite a change from the “dumb” TV that I knew growing up!

    While the merits can be debated, it’s undebatable that the software industry has moved towards …

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    Friday Five for October 7 - 'a glorious time for print', Blendle's success and more

    The number of articles, opinion pieces and blog posts shared on the web every day can be overwhelming, but keeping up with industry trends helps us stay ahead of the curve. Here are 5 topics that caught our attention this week:

    Serial captured the imagination of not just its listeners, but also of publishers looking to podcasts as a new revenue stream. However, the LA Times used the format in a print series and found that it worked surprisingly well in attracting new subscribers

    A new Magnetic study finds that online magazine media is 41% more effective at delivering brand KPIs than other online environments

    "Forbes magazine is at the highest print readership in its 99-year history" according to its editor Randall Lane, who concludes that "if you’re focused on the product, this …

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    Five Tips to Improve Your Subscription Payment Success Rate

    With the rise of the "subscription economy,” auto-charging customers regularly in exchange for goods and services has become a popular business model. Of course, this is old news for publishers, who have been making use of renewals and recurring payments longer than most other industries. However, auto-charges come with their own challenges---recurring credit card payments have much higher decline rates than stand-alone payments, for example. Here are five tips to improve your subscription payment success rate: 

    1. Optimizing retries

    The most common reason for failed credit card payments is that the credit line on the account has been exceeded. For this 'insufficient funds' scenario, as well as in the case of technical errors, you will likely want to retry the payment before taking …

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    The Evolution of Electronic Information Delivery

    The media used to deliver electronic content in the publishing industry is continually expanding.  Publishers have adapted to many changes in books and magazines, and are now dealing with changes in web access, on-demand access to content, and the distribution of audio.

    Speaking of audio…

    This article in the Wall Street Journal highlights the growth of audio books, claiming it is the fastest-growing format in the publishing industry.  Sales in the U.S. and Canada jumped 21% in 2015 from 2014, according to the Audio Publisher’s Association.  Revenues from hardcover books and paperbacks may be declining, and even the use of e-books is showing signs of declining sales, but revenues from digital downloads are increasing. 

    Changing technology and changing behaviors

    Reading a story aloud …

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    Friday Five for September 23 - News from industry events and conferences

    It is conference and trade show season! Let's take a look at the key takeaways from a few recent industry gatherings as well as events that our AdvantageCS team will be attending in the next few weeks:

    The Media Briefing reviews the lessons learned at Digital Media Strategies USA 2016. A common denominator? Understanding the audience is the first priority for digital publishers

    At Digiday Publishing Summit, publishers shared their biggest challenges, from improving monetization models to diversification

    5 takeaways from the 2016 Online News Association conference include strategies for integrating with tech platforms and social media tools

    The AdvantageCS Sales team will be hitting the road this fall. Meet up with Dan and Mona at STM Frankfurt, The FOLIO: Show and ASAE …

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    AUG 2017 Set for February 1 - 3 in San Antonio


    It's time to start planning your trip to the 2017 Advantage User Group conference! Located at the Holiday Inn San Antonio River Walk (217 N St. Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78205), the conference will take place February 1 - 3. Complete details and registration information will be on the client portal of the AdvantageCS website soon. Or contact your account manager or any member of the AUG Steering Committee for more information.

    Hope to see you there! 


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