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    AdvantageCS Offers Hosting Services

    AdvantageCS is offering hosting services to those clients who want to outsource this function to a trusted partner. Question: What are the benefits to you? Answer: 1. Outsourcing places the responsibility for operating and maintaining hardware on someone else’s shoulders. A number of clients with whom we have spoken indicate that they do not wish to be in the business of running computer hardware. Some publishers we speak with have no IT infrastructure or staff whatsoever and always outsource hosting. 2. By outsourcing hosting, you can take advantage of the pre-existing infrastructure of a hosting facility, including redundancy, security, PCI compliance, and disaster recovery plans. Hosting facilities have the volumes to provide economies of scale, …

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    Welcome New Employee Jeff Leonard

    Jeff Leonard recently joined the Advantage Support Center team. Jeff is a graduate of the University of Michigan and earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. His focus was on theoretical or “pure” math, as opposed to applied math, and Jeff says that his studies prepared him well for being in the support center because the major thing he did was learn to problem-solve. This skill, as well as being someone who is very comfortable with computer technology and the computer programming world, makes him ideal for handling support issues. Jeff truly enjoys being challenged with a problem and digging deep to research it and find a solution. Jeff was raised in Dexter, Michigan and is living there with his family until his wedding in May. He met his fiancée, …

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    Scribe Partnership Press Release

    AdvantageCS has joined the Scribe Solution Developer program and developed the Advantage Scribe Connector. Scribe Software, an established global provider of solutions that easily bring customer data anywhere it is needed, offers an advanced integration tool that allows the user to define an integration workflow, including the mapping of data elements, between any two supported systems. Clients can now integrate Advantage with any other system that has a Scribe Connector available, such as ACS developed the Connector module using as the integrating system, and in addition to the Advantage Scribe Connector, ACS will provide clients looking to integrate with a complete sample package that contains Salesforce customizations and …

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    Kathie Porter Memorial

    On a cool but clear and sunny day in mid-October, the ACS staff got together to officially dedicate the outdoor memorial to Kathie Porter. The memorial area in front of the ACS building includes a picnic table (the people in the back are standing on it), a newly-planted tree (seen in the right of the picture) and a rock inscribed “In memory of Kathie Porter.” The rock is significant because, according to Kathie’s sisters, she loved rocks and collected them for her yard from all over. We miss you, Kathie.

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    New Options For Your Advantage Updates

    As part of the change to the Microsoft .NET framework (at 2012r2), we’ve updated the configuration and deployment of software changes to be more in line with industry standards. Source code to the base software is no longer stored onsite and software updates are now delivered via “deployment packages.” Source code for custom processes, reports, and views will continue to be stored and compiled at client sites. You now have two options for base tracks software updates. In addition to these base tracks, keeping in the tradition of the customizable nature of an Advantage installation, clients will have the option of maintaining a private track that will be customized to their needs. The two base update tracks are: Maintenance Only: This track will offer deployment …

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    Congratulations to Dianne Killebrew--Soon-To-Be Retiree

    Dianne Killebrew, senior support analyst, is retiring from ACS at the end of December. She was hired by Support Center Manager Ev Acton in March of 2000, but the two of them had worked together previously at another company. Dianne has always truly enjoyed providing support, both because she likes helping people and also because you never know what the day is going to bring. You have to juggle and prioritize, explains Dianne, and try to work out deadlines that are acceptable to everyone. In her years of support experience, Dianne has found that the most important thing is to work with the client to identify the real problem or the true goal of what they want to accomplish. It isn’t always obvious, she says, but when you have that, it’s 50% of the solution. …

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    AdvantageCS Welcomes Test Achats

    Abstract: AdvantageCS is pleased to announce our newest client: Test-Achats. Test-Achats (TA) is also known by its Flemish name of Test Aankoop and was founded in Belgium in 1957 as a consumer organization. It independently tests all manner of consumer products and then reports the results.

    AdvantageCS is pleased to announce our newest client: Test-Achats. Test-Achats (TA) is also known by its Flemish name of Test Aankoop and was founded in Belgium in 1957 as a consumer organization. It independently tests all manner of consumer products and then reports the results.

    In 1960, Test-Achats became one of the founding members of the European Consumers' Organization. Over time, the group has expanded into consumer rights and lobbying. Through collaboration with other organizations—in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Brazil— TA is now a major consumer defense organization in Europe and beyond. The affiliated organizations are OCU Ediciones SA in Spain, Altroconsumo Edizioni SRL in Italy, Deco Proteste Lda in Portugal and Pro Teste – Associaçao Brasileira de Defesa do Consumidor in …

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    New Logo for Advantage Computing Systems

    Advantage is pleased to unveil our new logo – a more distinct, clean and contemporary visual representation of our global brand. The symbol is based on the concept of sailing and denotes being propelled forward – mobility and agility. It better represents the Advantage product and the culture of the company behind it: responsive, agile, innovative, and determined. Harnessing the latest technology is one of the ways we participate in our clients’ success. Our recent migration to the .NET platform and the re-design of the user interface are great examples of this.

    “We’re delighted with the new logo, but more importantly we’re thrilled about the new platform and being better positioned to help our clients across the globe achieve their goals,” says Dan Heffernan, Vice President of Sales, …

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    Advantage Credit Card Interfaces – Capabilities and Applications/Vendors Summary

    If you’re looking for a new credit card processing vendor, choosing one that already has an interface with Advantage will save you time and money. Not all companies are compatible for integration with Advantage, and you want to make sure you are getting the functionality you need before you buy. The current list of supported payment card applications/vendors in Advantage, and which capabilities they offer, follows. • Online pre-auths - Initial card verification, funds held for later debit/capture. Supported for web, uploads, and data entry. • Voids/cancellation of pre-auths - Advantage can auto reverse/cancel an auth, when order amount increases, or is cancelled. • Captures and refunds, via online and/or batch settlement – Advantage performs captures and refunds …

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    Creating Notes from MS Exchange Emails

    As of 2012R1, you can use SVC125 to upload customer notes into Advantage from MS Exchange Emails. This is particularly helpful if you have a central email account to which all customer service requests are sent. Uploading these emails into Advantage as Customer Notes allows your reps to efficiently handle customer requests, whether it is via SVCNAC or the Customer Note dialog box. Exchange Setup Exchange accounts are set up at CDSSYS/XCH (CDSXCH in .NET). Enter your Exchange Server Name, Domain Name, Username and Password of the email account from which you want to upload. Upload Setup The SVC125 Upload Source setup is done at OPRTBL/UPL. You will be prompted for the following values: …

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