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This is Rachel. Her company is now publishing more digital and print publications, plus a catalog of eBooks and products, multiple websites and now events. Rachel is on the hunt for a solution to manage her expanding and diverse business, but the search is proving tough.

She doesn’t want a bunch of separate systems hooked together, with information all over the place. And she definitely doesn’t want to comb through multiple databases to get a complete picture of a customer. She wants a solution that can handle it all, from a company that really knows their stuff.

Luckily, Rachel’s search led her to Advantage, a remarkable software solution that houses everything Rachel could want in one cohesive system, from a company with over 35 years of experience. Talk about a perfect match.

With customizable workflows, automation and scripting, Advantage allows Rachel to set up order entry and customer service her way. It handles all types of payments, is multi-language and multi-currency, and keeps evolving as the world and Rachel’s business change–--with 60,000 hours of agile development going into Advantage every year.

Rachel’s marketers can enjoy lightning fast concept-to-market for their promotions, thanks to Cider, Advantage’s eCommerce platform. They also love Cider’s flexible administration panel for customizing sites, and the marketing portal that makes creating and assigning promotions a snap.

Thanks to Advantage, Rachel can rest easy, knowing that managing her business will stay exactly that---easy.

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