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New Features Coming Second Quarter 2016

Here are just a few new Advantage features that are either available now or will be soon. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

  • Suspend/Nonpay Cancel All Related Service: You can set up an agreement to bill-suspend and/or nonpay cancel all components based on the suspension/cancellation of any single component. For example, if a print subscription under an agreement is bill-suspended, you can cause all other subscriptions in the agreement to be bill-suspended in parallel, as well as the containing agreement itself. The same handling is available for nonpay cancels.
  • Print Subscription Bill-suspends and Triggering Term: When a print subscription debit for a past (or future) term reaches a bill-suspend effort, some clients may wish to suspend all service, including current and future. Others do not view their business this way. Via a system option, you can control how this is handled: 1) do not do suspensions in this way; 2) suspend all service when a bill-suspend effort for any term (past, current, or future) is reached; 3) similar to #2, with this difference: do not suspend current service if the triggering term for the suspension is future.
  • Multiqueue Support for MST210: A multiqueue version of the MST210 process is available. At process request time for MST210M, you are prompted for the number of MST210 processes to run in parallel in other queues. The main MST210M process waits for all spawned queues to finish.
  • OrderStream “Transaction Type”: In order to support the increased use of OrderStream for non-order types of transactions, a “Transaction Type” data element has been added to OrderStream rule setup. Currently supported values include ORDER (for regular, order-based transactions) and TELESERVICES (for the newly added ability to add customers to telesales lists through OrderStream). Input XML for the OrderStream upload (MST125) supports a new structure that takes into account the Transaction Type. However, the new feature set also supports backward compatibility; you can continue to use the previous XML structure, which the process will translate as needed.


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