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A-lehdet Goes Live on Advantage

A-lehdet—Finland’s third-largest publisher—recently went live on Advantage after an exciting and complex implementation project. Based in Helsinki, A-lehdet publishes 18 consumer magazines, many in the women’s and home style categories.

The extensive project had many complex technical requirements, which were managed by a phenomenal project team spread across 6,000 miles from Helsinki to Ann Arbor, and involved numerous cooold days and looong nights in Helsinki.

As a publisher of high-circulation consumer magazines, A-lehdet relies primarily on the Advantage subscription functionality, making heavy use of the new OrderStream upload powerhouse – to the tune of nearly 10,000 orders each day.

In addition to project manager Eric Burbeck and lead engineer Karl Davis, the ACS project team included Tom Hermans, Levi Hyssong, Paul DesRosiers, Dave Rees, and Jim Austin.

The core A-lehdet project team was made up of Oili Kalm-Parantainen, Timo Kurkikangas, Mika Sahlman, and Eija Rauhala, and was managed by Pekka Kivenjuuri of Deloitte Finland.

Congratulations to all involved!

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