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A Sneak Peek at 2014r1 Features

Here are just a few highlights of Advantage 2014r1.  

The new Scribe Connector module offers an interface to Scribe Online Integration Services, a tool that supports connections between applications and data sources. Scribe Connector can be used to provide integration between Advantage and a CRM system (such as for customer adds, updates, and orders. Currently Scribe Connector supports synchronization of customer/address adds and updates (both pushes and pulls), and orders (a one-way push from the CRM to Advantage). Future development is planned to add support for synchronization of other Advantage entities.

The new Call Center feature supports handling and routing of incoming calls via standard DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) numbers, as well as numerous MSTFST enhancements to facilitate customizable order entry in a call center-like environment. You can, for example, set up one DNIS to route the rep to MSTFST using one order entry script, and another DNIS to use a different script. Currently the Call Center feature supports order entry at MSTFST. Future development is planned to extend the feature to other aspects of Advantage customer service interaction.

A new promotion setting allows you to accept a credit card payment, but delay collecting on the card for a preset number of days. Using this feature you could, for example, offer a promotion that lets the customer “order now by credit card, but not pay for 30 days.” The card is preauthorized at order entry time as normal, but settlement is delayed according to the credit card wait days on the promotion.

You can now configure the system to retain a list of the user’s last ‘n’ session customers (‘n’ is determined by a system option). This allows users to quickly locate customers they have worked with recently, without having to search for them again. The list is accessed via a control on the Advantage ribbon, and is remembered across the user’s sessions.

A new CIR gracing control lets you grace according the subscriber’s term number. You could, for example, grace one issue for all subscribers on Term 1, two issues for those on Term 2, and three issues for those higher than Term 2.

In multiple Advantage views, an A/R tab lets you see the debits and credits associated with the data element: at SVCCIR for CIR, PROPTX for PRO, and AMBAGC for AMB. You can now select an unpaid debit in any of these tabs and directly enter payment (without needing to open ARPCAR first).

Many, many more features!

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