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A Sneak Peek at Some 2009r2 Features

Here are just some of the new features available in Advantage 2009R2.

  • Access Management & Billing (AMB) - The AMB module now incorporates renewal statistics tracking, similar to functionality in the CIR module.  The AMB340 process (regular renewals) and AMB350 process (auto-renews) will now auto-assign renewal promotion codes.  Also, renewal responses to AMB promotions are reflected on the CPNPMO-M promotions statistics table, at the agreement level.  A new promotion table, AMBPMO-M, reflects response statistics at the level of the access point.

  • The Customer Overview display now incorporates the same routing functionality that is available in the Customer Portrait.  From the Overview, you can access a number of different Advantage informational views for the customer---including, for example, A/R and subscriptions---as well as route immediately to MSTDAT/FST for the purpose of entering orders.

  • Advertising Management (ADM) - Order entry and maintenance for the Advertising Management module has been consolidated into a single tabbed workspace, ADMDAT.  From ADMDAT, you can enter and maintain advertiser contracts, as well as perform standard functions related to insertion orders.  The ADMDAT workspace uses Advantage scripting functionality, meaning that you can tailor your contract and order entry fields according to the needs of the contract or order, or by user.

  • Inventory Management (INV) - Advantage has added "price point" functionality to the Inventory management module.  With this feature, you associate an item to a separate price point inventory item for the sole purpose of assigning and maintaining prices.  For example, if you have a line of 100 items with identical pricing, and wish to increase the price incrementally each year, you can assign all the items to the same "price point" item.  This means that ongoing price maintenance need only be performed on the price point item; the other items would inherit the pricing structure assigned to the latter.

  • Conference and Event Management (CEM) - You can now offer Conference registrations as items under a promotion (along with PRO items, CIR subscriptions, MBR subscriptions, and AMB access points).  As with the latter, you can set up multiple Conference offers under the same promotion, using different pricing, or a different mix of sessions.  Finally, as with PRO, CIR, MBR, and AMB, you can set up reusable Conference "choices" at the CPNTBL workspace, so that you can assign the same offer to different promotions.

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