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Access Management & Billing (AMB): The Digital Model

Offering access to online content and digital products is a little different from selling and managing print publications. The digital format allows you to offer your customers tremendous flexibility in their subscription start times, lengths and conditions, but with that flexibility comes the need to track and manage their purchases differently. That's where Advantage's Access Management and Billing (AMB) module can help.

AMB is a fully integrated solution for tracking, managing, and charging for access to online content that may either complement your print subscriptions, or be offered as its own product line. With the AMB module, you can:

  • offer access agreements of flexible lengths
  • record the valid participants and their authentication information
  • price the access through a variety of means that include rate codes, discount overrides, and markup percents

Once the agreement has been finalized, you release it in Advantage, which creates access ("on-off") records that you provide to the content host. With the AMB module, you do not directly host the content from within Advantage, but rather fully manage and charge for the access.

AMB supports the flexible pricing and discounting models often needed for marketing online access. You can discount certain parts of the content (called "access points" in Advantage), or discount the overall agreement. Or you can provide override prices at any level---such as when you negotiate a set price with a customer for online access. AMB can be used to service agreements of any size, from single-user access to multi-site agreements with many participants, such as a large consortium.

With the AMB module, you can offer access agreements as part of a normal Advantage order---combined, for example, with a CIR subscription, a PRO product, or a CEM conference registration. Access Management and Billing is integrated with Advantage Web capsules, so that customers can self-service at your website. In addition, AMB access agreements can be offered as items on a promotion, as well as included in inventory packages.

AMB includes functionality that supports the subscription aspects of online access, including renewal efforts, auto-renewal, trial terms, and gracing. However, the module also offers features that are unique to online access products. These include agreements that charge per use (i.e., "n" downloads), administrative-only participants who service agreements for their site but do not receive access to content, and the ability to record acceptance of an end-user license agreement before access is granted.

The AMB125 upload process can be used to create fully loaded access agreements with all participants and their authentication information. The process can be used to supplement online order entry, or as a tool for converting or loading agreements that were created outside of Advantage.

Whatever your access management needs, the AMB solution is the ideal tool for any Advantage user, and the perfect fit for your integrated Advantage environment. For more information, contact your ACS account manager or email Ken Nemerovski.

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