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ACS Welcomes New Employee Drew Pompa

new employee Drew Pompa

Drew Pompa is a new member of the product development team led by Howie Brooks. He joined ACS after graduating from the University of Michigan where he earned a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the engineering school.

Although he had no programming experience before college, Drew has always been a fan of technology in general. Drew likes creating computer programs and being able to see what is behind them. He explains that, in programming, you really have to balance logic and creativity. You work with limited types of constructs but within them, you can create many different things. He has a particular interest in developing functional user interfaces and in the overall usability of the software.

In addition to his technical abilities, Drew has a strong creative side. He minored in art history and he enjoys drawing and painting. He is also musical—he sings and plays guitar, bass, drums and synthesizer. He likes to record demos and mix music just for fun. And of course he couldn’t claim to be a true programmer unless he played video games, which he does enjoy.

Drew grew up in Holly, Michigan and now lives in Ann Arbor.

We welcome Drew to the Advantage family.

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