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ACS Welcomes New Employee: John Hughes

John Hughes

John Hughes has joined ACS as an analyst in the Client Services Division.  He is currently working in the Support Center, led by Ev Acton, although he is expected to join the implementation services team later this year.

While John was born and raised for the most part in the Ann Arbor area, he had the opportunity to experience life in another country when his GM executive father took a 2 ½ year assignment in France when John was eight.  John and his four siblings were forced to learn French as quickly as possible when they were placed in French schools.  Fortunately, kids find it easy to pick up new languages and they all did just fine.  John admits that although his French accent is excellent, since he learned it as a child, his vocabulary does tend to be rather elementary as well.  He is working now to learn the more technical terms that he will need to know to communicate with French clients of Advantage.

A graduate of Dexter High School, near Ann Arbor, John completed two years of general studies at a mid-Michigan community college and then took a year off from his studies to do service work in England and Germany through a local Christian group.  Upon his return, he enrolled at the University of Michigan, where he earned a BA degree in economics and German in 2007.  John worked at a couple of different jobs before joining ACS in April.

He is engaged to be married, with a June wedding in the works, and the newlyweds will live in the house he recently purchased in Ypsilanti.  In his leisure time, John enjoys working on the house, and his hobbies include playing soccer, and making and recording music (he plays guitar and piano).

We welcome John to the Advantage family!

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