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ACS Welcomes New Employee: Rob Elliott

We are pleased to welcome Rob Elliott, who joins ACS as a programmer in the Product Development group led by Howie Brooks.  Rob is a graduate of the University of Michigan: Dearborn, where he earned a degree in Computer and Information Science (CISI).  Rob grew up in Holly, Michigan, where he wrestled, ran Cross Country, and was a vital member of the Quiz Bowl team. Rob has four much older siblings, so was raised essentially an only child, with strong logical influence from his father.

Since childhood Rob has seen through the eyes of a scientist, always exploring and seeking to understand the world around him. His family has a long history of engineering, and he follows suit with ease. Rob appreciates the multiplication of effort that computers make possible; the fact that he can spend a relatively small amount of time programming something that when implemented, will save its users huge amounts of time and effort.

Rob put himself through college with small programming jobs before settling in at a Southfield-based software development company. There he developed intra-office communication management software, used by hundreds of call centers and government agencies. He spent three years there before coming to ACS on the recommendation and encouragement of John Moore, an old college friend who has worked at ACS since 2005.

Rob met his wife and long-time sweetheart Anna in college. They recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary, having been wed on 07/07/07 —clearly a lucky date.  When he's not working, Rob enjoys trying new things and pushing himself to leave his comfort zone. Whether they are foods, sports, music, or friends, Rob tries to keep an open mind. He has typical geek interests in technical gadgets, computers, gaming, but also enjoys a good book, conversation, adventuring, or even Japanese anime. Rob finds a particular fascination in artificial intelligence, and how well or poorly it evolves to mimic the human existence. He feels the more computers come to resemble us, the better we are able to define our own uniqueness.

We are glad that Rob has brought his intelligence—real or artificial—to ACS and we welcome him.

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