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New Features Coming 1st Quarter 2016

These Advantage features are either available now or will be soon. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.

  • MST210 - Consolidated Processes, Plus Additional Process Changes: In a major enhancement to Advantage, five separate processes (CIR210, PRO205, AMB210, CEM210, RPS205) have been eliminated and replaced by a single across-module process, MST210. This centralized financial posting process strategy not only consolidates module order processing, but also allows the A/R associated with orders to be posted within the same process. You will need to continue to run ARP210 and ARP230 for standalone debits and credits, but the debits and credits associated with orders now flow through the centralized posting step.

    Besides MST210, Advantage offers other new posting strategies: a) posting upon control group release; and b) order-by-order posting at MSTFST. Which posting strategy is right for your business depends on a number of factors, including your picking and invoicing procedures for product orders.
  • Data Script Enhancements: New features are available for all data entry scripts (e.g., MSTFST order entry, SVCCTM customer maintenance) in order to visually distinguish elements of the display, and to more quickly locate key data. You can vary the color of field captions and/or their contents in order to set them off from one another, and from other parts of the script. Additionally, you can create a “group” of related fields and customize the appearance of the group (for example, by drawing a border around it).
  • Gracing Restructure: The method Advantage uses to track graced subscriptions has been enhanced to more clearly delineate when a subscription is in an active grace period. Previously, this was identified through a circulation status of Expired and a Y value for the grace flag. These subscriptions now use a dedicated circulation status of ‘G’ (in gracing). You can use this circulation status value to more easily identify these subscriptions for selects and reporting. This change is largely internal to the database, and does not alter the fundamental concepts of grace rules, grace issues, or grace recovery.
  • “Copy Column” from List Frames: Previously, Advantage list frames had a limited number of right-click copy commands to let you copy certain data elements from a selected record (a customer number, an order number, etc.) to your clipboard. This has been enhanced to allow you to copy any currently displayed data element from the record to the clipboard.

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