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Advantage 2012r2: Software Without Borders

Dan Heffernan

Every 10 years or so we invest deeply in the product to move it forward to a new platform.  We are just completing the final touches on Advantage 2012r2 (available 6/30) which brings Advantage fully into the .NET environment.  This technology leap is a springboard for further development of Advantage in all kinds of directions.  It removes the borders around the software and opens up vast possibilities for integration, globalization, and deployment.

As a non-technical guy, let me explain what this means.

First of all, we are not announcing a new product which our clients will have to re-license.  Our clients’ licenses to Advantage are a protected investment.  We always provide an upgrade path to the latest release, and this huge leap forward is no exception.  Our clients will have a guaranteed upgrade path to Advantage 2012r2 from any prior Advantage release and will move into the .NET world without a big investment on their part. 

This is not a trivial point.  Many software developers announce new products, but they force their clients to buy a new license to keep up with technology.  We do it differently. That’s one reason why Advantage clients end up being so satisfied over the long haul.

Advantage is now running in an environment which has extensive libraries of development tools.  These include Unicode, which means our clients can store data from non-Latin character sets starting at this release.  Many publishers want to handle Chinese characters in their database, for example.  Advantage now supports that and all the other major languages right out of the box.

.NET provides a framework for extensibility which is like opening a dam and letting the water gush through.  Advantage integrations with enterprise applications are easier, more reliable and more scalable.  User interface design changes can be made in a fraction of the time it used to take.  We have re-designed the user interface for 2012r2 to make it more intuitive, improve discoverability, and reduce spin-up time for new users.  We want to make our users more efficient.  That improves both their satisfaction and their bottom line.  Any problem with that?

The new platform gives our developers access to state-of-the-art tools for coding, debugging, testing and configuration control.  As demand for our world-class software and services increases globally, we knew we had to be able to scale our development to keep up, and the completion of our move to .NET puts us squarely in a place where we can now increase our development throughput while also expanding our resources.  As the global leader in our field, we are winning more and more business as a result of our development agility and quality of service to our clients.  We want to be positioned for whatever our clients require, and breaking through the "borders" of our product is a big part of that.

Advantage 2012r2:  Software without borders.

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