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Advantage 9R3 Highlights

The next release of Advantage--available in the second half of October?is jam-packed with new features and functionality.  Here are just some of the new things contained in the release.

  • Customer Hierarchy:  The Customer Relationships feature has been expanded to offer a more robust use of relationships---the Customer Hierarchy, which makes use of the concept of relationship trees.  Previously, customer relationships were usually reciprocal (employer/employee), or nested in a two-deep hierarchy (such as with the Master Customer Relationships feature).  Now, relationship trees allow you to set up structures with multiple, theoretically unlimited, nesting levels (for example, employees within branch office within company within parent company).  In addition, you can view the aggregate purchase history, activity summary, subscription summary, and notes for a single relationship tree in one display.
  • Customer Relationships in a Household:  The Customer Relationships feature has also been expanded to allow the setup of Household Relationships.  This is similar to the Location customer feature, but is geared more toward private households.  When two or more customers are joined in a household, the system can auto-create a separate customer record to represent the household, and order entry edits can be applied to require the system to use this household record.  You could use the latter feature to ensure, for example, that a single address receives only one subscription, regardless of the number of separate customers living there.
  • AMB included in SVCDAT List and Directory Views:  The List and Directory views at SVCDAT now support the display of all the AMB access points on which the selected customer is a participant.  This is similar to the current list of the customer's publications at SVCDAT.  As with the latter, the system capitalizes the access point name if it is on an active agreement, and uses lower case if the agreement is inactive.
  • Specific Payment Types in Promotions:  Previously in Advantage, you could set up promotions to accept only specified payment codes for credit cards.  For example, you could create a promotion that would accept Visa, but not AMEX.  With this release, the following full validation setup is offered for promotions: you can specify the payment types accepted for each promotion (for example, you could define a promotion that accepts direct debit, but not credit cards); and within each valid payment type, you can specify the payment codes accepted (for example, could define a promotion that accepts checks and cash, but not wire transfer payments).
  • Auto Control Groups: You can now configure the system to automatically create, open, balance, and close control groups for customer reps, without the reps needing to route to MSTDAT views that manage these control group features.  Thus, you can move the required flow of control group handling into a background, invisible series of tasks as far as the rep is concerned.

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