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Advantage Adds Institutional Identifier from Ringgold

Of note to academic publishers, Advantage now accommodates Ringgold's institutional identifier, which will enable publishers using Advantage and Ringgold's services to link customers within their database to the institutions with which they have affiliations. This will allow enhanced data management, for example viewing total purchases of institutional customers. Institutions often have numerous locations, perhaps with different names, purchasing products and it has been difficult to analyze their total buying practices. It also allows easier identification of renewals which appear to be cancellations and new orders, and identification of the degree of duplication of titles within a single institution.

"This is something that all academic publishers have been asking for and will use," says Dan Heffernan, vice president and chief product manager at ACS. "Ringgold's identifier is an emerging standard in the industry and we are happy that Ringgold has provided us with the functionality so that we can provide it to our publishing clients."

About Ringgold Inc.

Ringgold has developed a database of nearly 100,000 institutions worldwide which subscribe to academic journals. This database contains valuable information about the institutions, their size, type and tiers. Ringgold provides the research services to correctly identify subscribers and allocate them to the correct institutions using researchers with specialist language and country knowledge. Over 40 academic publishers use Ringgold services to improve their customer support and marketing capabilities, and Ringgold is working with subscription agents, hosting platforms, intermediaries and NISO to create a standard institutional identifier for the library and publishing industry.

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