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Advantage Contact Center: Introducing Customer Service Workflows

Some time ago, a project was begun here at ACS to consolidate various customer service views. The result is called the Advantage Contact Center.

Contact Center introduces a new feature called Customer Service Workflows, which are guided customer service transactions. Each Advantage customer service workflow guides a customer service rep through a set of phases. The Advantage user interface can be customized based on workflow scripts, which determine the phases of the workflow, the fields available for data entry and the defaulting of transaction values. At the conclusion of the workflow, a customer note is created to log the call outcome.

Here’s an example of one such workflow:

A customer calls to inquire about a premium which hasn’t arrived yet.

  • The first phase in the workflow prompts the rep to review the customer address.
  • Once the data is confirmed, the next step is to review any unfulfilled premiums for the customer---here the rep can see if there are any outstanding gifts and if so, why they haven’t been sent yet.
  • If there aren’t any unfulfilled gifts, the next step is to review the customer’s order history. Maybe the gift shipped so recently that the customer hasn’t received it yet, or it got lost in the mail and the customer service rep can resend it.
  • As a last step, the customer service representative is prompted to ask the customer if there are any other questions, and to log the call outcome.

There were four major elements the team had to manage in this complex project---customer scripting, customer service workflows, scripted customer activity and seamless telephony integration, each with its own factors to consider.  

  1. Customer scripting---all benefits of Advantage scripts when adding or changing customers, such as:
    1. Defaulting values
    2. Hiding all fields that aren’t relevant to the user
  2. Customer service workflows
    1. Handling common customer service request in one view
    2. Scripting customer service workflows
    3. Ensuring that customer service reps follow a standard procedure for each customer service activity
    4. Making it easier to train new customer service representatives---they can follow scripts instead of memorizing the different customer service views in Advantage
  3. Scripted Customer activity phase
    1. Being able to see subscription, product, agreement, and conference activity for a customer in one phase instead of at separate views
    2. Making sure each phase is scriptable, making it easy for the customer service rep to review relevant information and perform customer service actions efficiently
    3. Allowing you to provide prompts and help text for the customer service agent. This was already supported for order entry, and is now also supported for “non-order” customer service workflows
  4. Seamless telephony integration
    1. Like order entry, customer service workflows can be initiated directly from a telephony integration               

For more information on Contact Center, call or email your Advantage account manager.

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