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Advantage Now MultiLingual

Parlez-vous français? Now you can view Advantage screens in French rather than English, if you so choose. The screens were translated for the implementation at Bayard Presse, but it was done in such a way that it will be straightforward to translate them in the future into other languages (those using the Latin alphabet, that is). As the publishing world becomes an increasingly global one, we expect this to become a common request.

This first translation project took a while, as Advantage tools had to be modified to isolate all translatable text, which was then used to populate a database table. Programmers wrote utilities to export the English text into comma delimited files where it could be sent to Bayard for translation. It was vital to them to closely supervise the translation because the specialized terminology would be difficult for most translators to understand. And as Bayard went through the process, they sometimes had to go back and change translations as they gained understanding of Advantage concepts. It was an iterative process, over numerous builds of Advantage.

Subsequent translations will be much easier. In fact, we are working on one right now ? from American English to British English for our UK friends!

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