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Advantage Online Help Gets a Facelift with 2010r2

Historically, online help in Advantage has been presented in compiled help (.chm) format.  However, over time, Microsoft has introduced security controls that prevent users, in certain intranet scenarios, from accessing help files that use this format.  To work within the MS Windows framework, the help files beginning with the 10R2 release will use HTML help (.htm) format.


The differences between .chm help and .htm help are as follows:  1) a slightly different user "look and feel"; and 2) whereas .chm help opens directly within the application, .htm help will launch a browser session for presentation of the content.  When you open the online help from the Menu option in your Advantage session, Advantage will open the browser session automatically, and route to the website where the help resides.   When you are finished consulting the help, you close your browser session.  Everything is handled automatically by the application.


The standard table of contents, search, and favorites features will continue to be available in .htm help.  Custom help will be available as well, but will work slightly differently than before.  The delivered help files at 2010R2 will contain instructions on building and using custom help.  As part of the migration to .htm help, the System Administrator manual, which was formerly kept as a separate Help menu choice, will now be offered as part of the merged online help with the other user manuals.  (Please contact ACS if you have any security concerns with this approach.)

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