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AdvantageCS Welcomes New Client Bonnier Magazine Data

AdvantageCS is pleased to announce our newest client: Bonnier Magazine Data (“BMD”).  Located in the Østerbro borough of Copenhagen, Denmark, BMD is an internal provider of subscription management systems, CRM system functionality and related services to Bonnier companies. BMD specializes in subscription management within the field of weekly and monthly magazines, publications and other media products.

BMD is wholly owned by Bonnier Publications (“BP”) and Bonnier Tidskrifter (“BT”) which are also two major customers. Whereas BP is represented in Copenhagen, Helsinki (Finland), Oslo (Norway) and Stockholm (Sweden), BT is represented solely in Stockholm. Between the two publishing companies, BMD systems manage around 2 million subscriptions. These companies are part of the holding company Bonnier AB, the Swedish media conglomerate, in the Bonnier Magazine Group business area. Bonnier AB is wholly owned by the Bonnier family, which has been running it for more than 200 years.

BMD was looking to replace an older platform with a standard package platform based on more modern technology.  Advantage, with about 60,000 hours of development being pumped into it each year, will not only meet BMD’s current needs but is developing capabilities which the Bonnier companies will harness in the future. 

“Advantage is a very comprehensive and flexible platform, with the ability to support our traditional business and our initiatives to grow our business digitally,” says Carsten Weber, CEO at Bonnier Magazine Data.  “The people at AdvantageCS have a reputation for being reliable and trusted partners, shown not least by their ability to quickly learn and understand our ways of doing business, and the stability of the company’s ownership and finances gave us confidence that they will be around to support us for many years to come.”

Welcome, Bonnier Magazine Data!


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