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AdvantageCS Welcomes Talentum

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AdvantageCS is pleased to announce our newest client: Talentum.  Talentum is a B to B publisher based in Helsinki, Finland.  Their history goes back to the year 1938 and the establishment of the financial journal Talouselämä. Talentum provides media, professional literature and online and information services for professionals whose interests include technology, finance, management, health care, advertising and law. Additionally, Talentum implements training courses for these target groups and organizes events of various types. Its key products are magazines, books, online services, training and events. 

Talentum operates in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Baltic countries, and Russia. In the Nordic countries, Talentum has a total of some 1.1 million readers of journals and magazines and about 1.0 million users of the online services.

Talentum chose Advantage for its multi-product comprehensive functionality, as well as ACS’s track record of successful implementations worldwide, and particularly in Europe.  They were looking to reduce the number of separate systems they supported and Advantage will allow them to do that.

The implementation is in progress. 

Welcome, Talentum!


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