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Advantage Software: Workflow Event Feature

Have you ever had the need to perform an action like one of the following based on a threshold Advantage event?

  • Send an e-mail as soon as an order has been entered in the Advantage UI
  • Send notification to an outside system as soon as a customer or address change is logged
  • Automatically cancel---or restart, or skip---an Advantage process when a predefined condition is encountered

If you need to perform tasks like this in a near-real-time environment, then the Advantage workflow events feature could be just what you’re looking for.

The workflow events feature creates a record of certain business-relevant events that occur in the Advantage software or database.  A background service continuously monitors events (you configure how often), evaluating each event against a configurable set of rules and performing predefined or custom actions in response to the events.

Workflow events are characterized by a workflow event type, a category of event that can be triggered within Advantage. Advantage has numerous base event types---some examples are adding an participant to an agreement, adding or changing an item inventory record, adding/changing/removing a customer, or changing a customer’s subscription. And more base event types are being added all the time. The feature also supports the addition of custom event types.

The Advantage workflow service monitors the workflow event table for newly created events that have not been processed.  Each unprocessed event is evaluated against a set of workflow event rules (expressed as SQL statements).  If a rule “fires”---that is, if its condition evaluates as true---then a set of workflow rule actions associated with the rule is invoked by the service. Some sample workflow actions are sending an e-mail, sending an HTTP request, assigning the customer to a Telesales list, or suspending or canceling some or all of a customer’s holdings.

Many of these event-based actions were possible in the past, but only through processing triggers, or based on a separate data extraction that then had to be sent to interested parties. With the workflow event feature, these tasks are accelerated to near-real-time, as soon as the triggering event occurs.

Some real-life client uses of the feature include instant synching of an outside database to Advantage when a customer has been duplicate-consolidated, and granting access to content when (but not until) the agreement version has been paid. And these are just two examples of the many uses that our always-creative clients have already found for the feature.

So if you need “instant use” of the large amounts of information you’re entering into the Advantage system, contact your account manager today. We’ll help you determine how workflow events might be just the answer for you.

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