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AdvantageCS Celebrates 36 Years

Surface Changes Aplenty, Unchanged at the Core


On July 1st, 2015, AdvantageCS celebrated our 36th anniversary. The company was formed in 1979 as a custom software development house by some computer science graduates of the University of Michigan who wanted to stay in Ann Arbor. The first client was a book publisher and the second was a magazine publisher, and almost before they knew it, they were publishing software specialists.

It is said that in the technology world, the only constant is change. In 36 years, AdvantageCS has gone through four location moves, three company names, four logos, countless hardware platforms (Prime, DEC, multiple Unix flavors, 10 flavors of Windows from 3.11 up through 2012R2), and half a dozen programming languages (from Fortran and COBOL to C#).

Yet much of what makes up the essence of AdvantageCS—and what you, our clients, have told us is most important to you—has stayed the same. Things like our commitment to superior customer service, continual enhancement of Advantage so that it remains the most comprehensive functionality on the market, honesty and integrity in all transactions, hiring and retaining smart, dedicated people who know the ins and outs of the publishing business as well as Advantage, and that “can-solve” spirit which has defined us since our earliest beginnings.

Behind the scenes, AdvantageCS remains steadfast in offering a healthy balance between work and family life for employees—we take pride in being known as a family-friendly company—as well as supporting their personal growth and  enrichment. We try as best we can to adapt the job to the person rather than the person to the job.

The pace of change is dizzying in the world of technology, and nearly as fast in the publishing/media/information provider industry. AdvantageCS is unswerving in our resolve to evolve in whatever ways are necessary to keep pace with these changes. We continue to put about 60,000 hours per year of work into Advantage development. 

Our business continues to expand at a deliberate and steady pace. In the last year, we’ve hired nine new people, and plan to add several more in the coming months. These new folks are a mix of recent college graduates and seasoned veterans of the business world. The recent graduates bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table, while the more experienced people ensure that, at the very heart of the company, we retain those things that define who we are.

Exciting new things will continue to happen at AdvantageCS but that doesn’t change our core. We continue to be the global leader in our market and a company with a reputation for excellent long-term partnerships with our clients. We look forward to serving the needs of our clients for many decades to come.  As we celebrate our anniversary, we lift a glass and toast our clients who have made us the successful company we’ve become. 

Thank you for your business!

P.S. Another stroll down Memory Lane: In 1983, we were happy to pay just $16,000 for 1 MB of memory, down from $24,000. A corporate server would often have 2-4 MB of memory and you could support 100 users on 8 MB. Today, there are $10 USB thumb drives that hold more memory than our entire computer room in 1983. (Thank you to AdvantageCS historian Ray Zick for these statistics.) 

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