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AdvantageCS Partners with Scribe

AdvantageCS has joined the Scribe partner program and developed the Advantage Scribe Connector. Scribe is an integration tool which allows you to define an integration workflow, including the mapping of data elements, between any two systems that Scribe supports. You can now integrate Advantage with any other system that has a Scribe Connector available, such as A list of available systems may be found on the Scribe website:

The Advantage Scribe Connector brings Advantage support to Scribe. This new module provides integration between Advantage and other systems for customer adds, updates and orders. ACS plans to expand the Scribe connector to support additional data elements in the future.

ACS developed the Connector module using as the integrating system, and it is used as the example throughout this article. In addition to the Advantage Scribe Connector, ACS will provide clients looking to integrate with a complete sample package that contains Salesforce customizations and Scribe maps to sync between Salesforce and Advantage. The Salesforce customizations include a mash-up to display live customer transaction history in Salesforce. (A mash-up, in web development, is a web page or web application that uses content from multiple sources to create a single new service displayed in a single graphical interface.) This package gives clients a jump start integrating Advantage with

“The Advantage Scribe Connector opens the door for our clients to integrate Advantage with the most prevalent CRM systems around, starting with,” explains Dan Heffernan, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Planning at ACS. “Many of our clients use CRM, or contact management, or lead management systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a way that is completely divorced from the rich information about their customers in Advantage. This connector will bridge that gap and will drastically improve the sales, marketing, and customer service functions at our clients who implement it.”

The Connector includes two-way synchronization of CRM system accounts and contacts to Advantage customers, with changes to customer, account and contact information made in Advantage being pushed to Salesforce and vice versa. This logic can be customized via the workflow rules in Advantage and maps in Scribe. For example, you can limit which types of customers are synchronized.

In addition to keeping data the same in both systems, this enables you to validate data captured in Salesforce through an Advantage update. A new customer’s address entered in Salesforce passes to Advantage where numerous other values are added, such as the customer number and a standardized address. That information can be bounced back to Salesforce. Similarly, an order entered in Salesforce when passed to Advantage is priced and taxed and an order number is assigned. Those values can be applied to the Salesforce data through the synchronization.

For Salesforce installations, Advantage customer overview information is available through specialized API-based web-pages that can be executed via the mash-up feature. The benefit of this is being able to see Advantage production data in Salesforce – possibly reducing the amount of data that you transfer to Salesforce.

The components of this integration package will need to be adjusted for your business rules and the design of your Salesforce data. The Connector uses the Advantage API – the same API used by integrated web sites. However, you won’t need to work with the API. The Scribe Connector includes a mapping tool that lets you easily adjust source and target fields and build update action sets through a simple graphical user interface.

The Advantage Scribe Connector works in conjunction with the Scribe Online Platform, a product of Scribe, Inc. located in Manchester, New Hampshire ( The Scribe Online Platform is available via cloud or premise agent and is charged at a monthly rate that is based on the annual usage. Scribe's integration solutions connect a wide range of data and applications.

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