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Agora, Crain, Kalmbach and Massachusetts Medical Complete Upgrades

Successful upgrade projects were recently concluded at various Advantage clients. 

Agora is now live on 11r3 and Suzanne Earley was highly pleased with the efforts of the upgrade team, which included Doug Moore, Larry Kleber, John Moore and Molly Mathe. 

"We had such a great experience with all the members of team," said Suzanne.  "Doug was a terrific project manager; he was always available and very supportive. Larry went above and beyond so many times on this upgrade. He worked several weekends to get dry runs done so I could avoid down time. John and Molly keep the issues moving and resolved quickly. Overall, it was a great experience."

Crain Communications recently went live on 11r1, completing a five month upgrade project.   They are especially excited about using the new campaign/promotion setup workspace, using the enhanced credit card response rules features, and the upgraded list management email handling.   They also upgraded hardware to a brand new, top-of-the-line server – which will have tremendous positive impacts on processing and performance. 

Project Manager Daryl Vautour wants to thank the following people for the success of the project:

·        Scott Ghormley, Crain’s account manager and alternate delivery expert.  

·        Martha Kriegand Larry Kleber, their engineering leads for this project

·        Greg Marshallfor consulting with Crain on a new server

·        Kelly Vautourand Matt Varblow for leading the upgrade project on the websites and implementing the ASP.NET deployment model

·        Ray Zickand Howard Brooks for their help on numerous issues

·        Todd Gilson, for returning to his old stomping grounds onsite at Crain to do campaign/promotion setup training

·        Pete Oasfor his heroic efforts upgrading Crain’s custom lockbox program; also, to Linda Woodman, Linda Lorenz, Stan Pyett and Kathie Porter for pitching in as well.

·        Also, kudos to Greg Stout and Bryan Varblow for their executive and managerial assistance throughout the project.   

Kalmbach Publishing is now live on the 2011R1 release of Advantage.  A smooth cutover was achieved, after a six-month project, which included a thorough verification phase. 

Project manager Bryan Varblow thanks Linda Woodman and Larry Kleber, who led the way on the engineering end and ensured the successful cutover.  He also wishes to thank all the others who pitched in at times to fill various needs.

Massachusetts Medical Society recently upgraded successfully and is now poised to take full advantage of features that will enhance their business productivity and better equip them to adapt to changes in the market.   

Project Manager Philippe Rowland sends out a big thank you to MarthaKrieg, the lead engineer, RayZick, who was the pinch hitter and Larry Kleber who performed his usual wizardry with the upgrade scripts.

Congratulations to Agora, Crain, Kalmbach and Massachusetts Medical!

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