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Agora France Goes Live on Advantage

Viva la France! We recently added a new flag on the world map of Advantage user locations as Agora France went live on Advantage in October. Les Publications Agora, located in Paris, publishes six newsletters and a weekly magazine in the financial investment field, and also offers a stock exchange alert service and downloadable documents about specific investments.

Levi Hyssong managed the project on the ACS side, while John Moore and Emily Buchholz were the engineers who handled the conversion. They converted customers, subscriptions, and direct debit information from the previous system in to Advantage.

Agora has developed successful strategy for handling multiple locations. The French group will share the database with the headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and other Agora locations. However, they will use the French screens and incorporate local features such as address hygiene software. Their direct debit files and credit card handling use the French format.

Philippe van Mastrigt helped out with initial training, with staff from Agora USA handing the in-depth sessions instructing the French employees on how Agora uses the software.

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