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Agora Implements Advantage's Call Center

 Congratulations to Agora Publishing who recently went live on the 2014r1 release of Advantage.  This release includes Call Center, a major new feature (see related story in this newsletter).

More than 200 users were in the system and going strong within 24 hours of cutover, and both groups are to be commended for their hard work.

The Agora Publishing team was led by Suzanne Earley for both the upgrade and Call Center Development. Tim Dodge and Nikki Miller helped lead the Call Center integration. Several others helped to see both projects through.

On the ACS side, many people were involved over the course of the project, but key players included Stephanie Widrig, project manager, John Moore, lead engineer, Stephen Whitney, supporting engineer, and Larry Kleber, upgrade script master.  Toby Hartman’s team played important roles in helping resolve upgrade issues.

As for the Call Center, John Sheehy was instrumental in getting the project approved and designed; Toby Hartman served as lead developer, with many engineers assisting in the project, including Rob Elliot, Adam Richards, Paul Sauter, and Theo Rabban.

Program Manager Doug Moore oversaw the project.

Great work everyone!!!

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