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Agora's Indian Affiliate Goes Live on Advantage

Through much of the past year, ACS has partnered with Agora to complete an in-conversion from Equity Master, Agora's office in India.   Equity Master provides information about more than 500 leading companies in India, which account for over 90% of India's market value. Through Equity Master, customers can gain access to various stock market recommendations, archives, and special reports.

The project of converting Equity Master data into Advantage encompassed customer, promotion, and electronic subscription data; as well as implementing the AMB module for the first time at Agora. To account for the online data-entry into Advantage, the team made adjustments to the website to make use of the AMB capsule calls provided through the AdvantageWEB module.

Tara Rebak, VP of fulfillment systems at Agora, says "The conversion of Equity Master into Advantage was challenging not only because of having to decipher their data and having to learn AMB at the same time, but also because of the 10½ hour time difference.  We never would have been able to get through the project without Doug by our side!"  Tara also managed to help guide this project to completion while giving birth to her first baby, Connor, three months before go-live.

Doug Moore, project manager at ACS, expressed thanks to the many people involved in making the conversion happen.  These include:  at Agora, Daryl Berver, Tara Rebak, Andrew Bollard, the interface team led by Getty Sarno, and the Equity Master team led by Deepak Rajpal, and at ACS, Dan Sneed and John Moore for their critical engineering support, and the many others who helped take this project across the finish line including Scott Ghormley, Molly Mathe, and Stan Bisgaier.

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