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At SVCDAT/ARP, the customer service A/R view in Advantage, you can quickly add a payment to an invoice on a customer's account using the Add Payment button or right-click action. Unless you have received Alert 254096, however, adding payment to a partially paid order may create a payment for the full order amount instead of the remaining amount due.

If this alert applies to your revision of Advantage, you may read about it here.

If you are within the affected revisions for this alert, please contact the Support Center or your ACS representative. We can quickly adjust the Add Payment action so that it performs correctly for partially paid invoices. In the meantime, please note the workaround of using ARPCSH instead to enter payment for a partially paid invoice.

This workaround is just one of dozens of Advantage Alerts, which form a knowledge-base of software conditions that may affect your business. Critical alerts (those that are high frequency or severe in nature) are emailed directly to your inbox using Advantage's communication templates. We also use the Alert system to send general customer service announcements or reminders to you, such as holiday office hours and the like.

If you are not currently receiving email alerts, but would like to, simply send a request to the Support Center asking to be added as a system administrator for your company. Then you will receive all alerts that may affect your operation.

You can also view or search for alerts that affect your Advantage revision by logging in to the ACS support website and using the Knowledge Base links at the left.  For more information about alerts, please contact Angie Markel.

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