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Aller Advantage Upgrade: On Time and Under Budget

This was not your ordinary update. With operations in three different countries, involving more than sixty people, the Aller upgrade project was a bit more complex than most. They upgraded from 2013r3 to 2016.8 and jumped onto the continuous update track. The upgrade included 60 integrations and 2,029 test cases, and yet still was completed on time and within the budget.

Gilda Jantunen, Group Manager IT - Business Service Delivery, Marketing & Sales at Aller, sent this message to all team members: “It is my pleasure to pass on to you all the congratulations and positive messages I have been receiving from all stakeholders in all countries regarding the excellent job by the team during these last 6 months. I join them in thanking you and recognizing your efforts.”

Aller realized many benefits with the update, including:

  • Access to all the latest Advantage features
  • Improved knowledge of Advantage by Aller IT and Super Users
  • Strengthened cooperation across countries and among departments
  • Access to enhancements and bug fixes done for other Advantage clients
  • Possible cost-sharing of future modifications with other Advantage clients
  • Reduced costs and quicker turn-around of bug fixes by moving from an old revision
  • The testing of all Advantage integrations

Levi Hyssong, ACS project manager had this to say: “After working with the Aller teams through all 3 Advantage implementation projects, it was great to carry our progress forward to this upgrade project. Everybody was onboard for the challenging timeline and it could not have been achieved without an increased level of collaboration across the countries. It’s clear that the Super Users are taking more and more ownership of the system and their level of Advantage knowledge is always increasing. All team members deserve huge congratulations for the success of the project!”

The Aller team included Alex Larsen, Anders Wilhelmsson,  Britta Jørgensen, Charlotte Andersson, Elin Persson,  Emma Petrisson,  Filip Johansson,  Fredrik Löfgren, Fredrik Wijk,, Hanna Kaivo-oja, Heidi Eriksen, Henrik Nørring, Jani Sinkkonen, Jenny Olsson, Johanna Aalto, Johanna Lopperi,  Johnny Blaabjerg, Jouni Kiiski, Jouni Mulari, Kirsten Wandall,  Kurt Henriksen, Lise-Lotte Dahl, Lotta Cederbom, Maarit Salmisalo-Rantanen, Madleine Victor, Magnus Westmar, Mari Lamberg, Maria Ingö,  Maria Mortensen, Martin Paluszewski, Matti Palovaara,  Mia Sandberg, Michael Enk, Michael Lund Larsen, Michelle Medum Andersen, Mihai Alexe, Oscar Borssén, Riitta Lehto, Rikard Ahlandsberg, Robin Sköldén, Saija Ilvonen, Svend Erik Hansen, Teemu Puurunen, Susanne Karll, Joanna Wieckowska, Timo Kohtala and Timo Suni.

Key for AdvantageCS were Eric Burbeck, Levi Hyssong, Bryan S. Varblow and Tim Zapawa.

Consultants also participated, including Richard Rossborg, Marianna Ringnér, Magnus Muller, Jani Ruotsalainen, René Seger, Tuomas Nummelin and Mattias Svensson.

Fantastic job, everyone! Congratulations!

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