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Aller Finland Goes Live on Advantage

Congratulations to Aller Finland, who recently joined Sweden and Denmark running their operations on Advantage. The combined Aller/AdvantageCS team put in many months of hard work, and overcame the many challenges that arise when three different countries consolidate their businesses onto a single fulfillment system. Every step had to be looked at in the context of each country to ensure there were no hiccups in ongoing production operations. Coordinating resources, project plans and priorities, and processing schedules made this project more complex than the average.

So many people worked on the project that it would be impossible to name them all. However, Levi Hyssong (project manager), Karl Davis (lead engineer), and Sunil Chawla (data conversion lead) merit recognition as the main players on the AdvantageCS team. All three also worked on the previous Aller implementations and so brought invaluable knowledge with them to this project.

On the Aller side, there were a number of core project team members. Teemu Puurunen (local project manager) led the group, with Susanne Karll (Nordic project manager) providing guidance, and Riitta Lehto (data conversion lead), Jouni Kiiski (integration lead), Saija Ilvonen (distribution lead), Hanna Kaivo-oja (marketing lead), Tiina Normela, Maarit Salmisalo-Rantanen, and Johanna Aalto (customer service leads), Johanna Lopperi (finance lead), and Timo Suni (test manager) forming the rest of the core project team. A special thanks also to the Aller Denmark resources that helped the Finnish team reach their goal going live!

Hats off to you all for a terrific job well done!

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