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Aller Media Goes Live on Advantage

Aller Media’s Danish operations are now live on Advantage, with Sweden, Finland, and Norway soon to follow.  Aller Media is the leading publisher of weekly magazines in the Nordic countries with a weekly circulation of approximately 2.7 million issues. 

At the onset of this multi-level, multi-phase complex project a year and a half ago, the Aller team set a go-live date of 19 May, 2014.   And due to the hard work and long hours put in by many Aller and ACS people, that deadline was met. 

The core Aller project team included staff with lead roles from across the business and included: Susanne Karll as the project manager, Martin Paluszewski as the integrations and IT lead, Maria Mortensen and Camilla Mørch as the customer service leads, Kirsten Wandall as the marketing and distribution lead, Michael Thomsen as the test manager, and Henrik Ambjørner as the finance lead, with many others providing support and guidance.

The ACS support team was led by project team leader Levi Hyssong and included lead engineer Karl Davis, who spearheaded all customization and integration tasks; Tim Zapawa, who provided guidance and assistance in management while also supporting verification; Sunil Chawla, who handled and provided support for the data conversion development; and Bryan Varblow, who assisted with data conversion reconciliation.

Congratulations to both teams for a successful on-time cutover, thanks to all their hard work, commitment and determination. 

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