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American Institute of Physics Goes Live on Advantage

American Institute of Physics Publishing is now live on Advantage, after a comprehensive implementation project. This migration marks a major milestone for AIP Publishing. One of the world’s largest publishers of scientific information in physics and the related sciences, AIP Publishing offers publishing services for the American Institute of Physics and AIP Member Society publishing partners. AIP Publishing’s suite of publications includes 17 journals, three of which are published in partnership with other organizations; magazines, including AIP’s flagship publication Physics Today; and the AIP Conference Proceedings series.

The AIP Publishing’s publishing partners include:

  • Acoustical Society of America
  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • American Association of Physics Teachers
  • AVS: Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces and Processing
  • The Society of Rheology
  • Laser Institute of America
  • Chinese Physical Society
  • Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters

The core AIP project team included staff with lead roles from across the business and included:

Roy Levenson, Executive Sponsor

Waylon Butler, Business Lead

Tracy Denien, Technical Lead

Bernadette Garcia, Access Control/Web

Gina Bruno, Agency Uploads/QC

Ruth Levins, Society Uploads/Advantage Setup

Svetlana Aleksandrova, Data Conversion

Kim Matura, Access Control

Yi Yao, Web Development

Shaifali Jain, Web Development

Claude Etienne, Access Control

“We are excited to move out of the implementation project and into using Advantage in a live production environment,” said Waylon Butler, AIP Director of Business Operations.  “Now that Advantage is in place, we can work on leveraging additional system functionality and streamlining our operations.  The project team and end users are looking forward to moving our business forward on Advantage.”

ACS Project Manager Nick Glauch was there at the end to lead the team across the finish line, but many others at ACS were involved along the way.  They included lead engineer Jonathan Osment, who spearheaded all customization and integration tasks; Corey Mantel, who was responsible for implementation of the Business Intelligence portion; and Tim Zapawa and Daryl Vautour who provided guidance and assistance in management while also supporting verification.

Congratulations to both teams for all their hard work and commitment that resulted in a successful cutover.

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