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Amos Media Final Phase Now Live on Advantage

Congratulations to the Amos Media Company (AMC), which recently completed the second and final phase of their Advantage implementation project.

AMC has four flagship publications geared toward coin and stamp hobby enthusiasts. Their product order business offers supplies and collectibles---more than 12,000 products---targeted to a similar audience. During this project, AMC was able to streamline their business by consolidating their four legacy systems into Advantage for all print subscription and product order fulfillment.

In the first phase of the project, AMC implemented subscription management for digital and print publications. They have now added products and inventory, accounts payable and other functionality to their mix, and moved their eCommerce platform to Cider.

The AMC project team consisted of Mary Holthaus, Tom Klausing, Bryan Klingshirn, Jon Kopecky, Kurt Moledor, Lynda Prueter, and Victor Roa. The team did a great job organizing and completing project activities, implementing new features, customizing Cider, and testing.

“Replacing our outdated shopping cart with a new solution was a critical objective for us,” said Tom Klausing, Director of Digital Media at AMC. “The ACS team helped us deliver a cart that was light years ahead of our old one, while integrating systems to help us realize new levels of efficiency. Their work has already allowed us to take advantage of new opportunities, including the sale of magazine subscriptions alongside our consumer product offerings on one platform."

On the AdvantageCS side, Binoy Philip served as the project manager and was assisted by Levi Hyssong, who helped set strategic goals and objectives for the project. Additionally, Alan Cherney contributed his Cider expertise, while Mike Miklosovic and the rest of the Support Team kept production operations stable throughout the project.

Check out the Amos website at

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