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Angie Markel: Superior Support Service

      Angie Markel

 Angie Markel applies the same energy and motivation to her job in the Advantage Support Center as she does to running a marathon, which she has done 4 times (including the Boston Marathon, for which one must qualify).  She is detail-oriented, quick to grasp new concepts and adept at building relationships with the clients with whom she works .

Her supervisor, Ev Acton puts it this way:  "Angie is an excellent analyst who works well with all of our clients.  Angie makes sure she understands the customer's needs and ensures that the solutions ACS provides meet those needs.  Angie is a very effective communicator and does a great job of sending alerts to the user community as needed.  In addition, Angie always has a smile on her face and has a dry sense of humor." 

Most of her ten years at ACS have been spent in the Support Center, but Angie has also worked in the Upgrades group.  Her upgrades supervisor Paul DesRosiers has this to say about working with Angie:  "Regardless of the role – projects, training, support, QA – Angie consistently does an outstanding job of completing the task at hand and providing a detailed and structured outline for others to follow. This leadership and attention to detail produces an environment where others are very pleased to work with her.  With her product knowledge and positive mind-set, it's no wonder Angie is such a frequently requested analyst."

Although she also enjoys training and other visits to client sites, Angie appreciates the team environment of the support center.  With two school-age kids at home, she also likes the consistent hours. 

Angie's ACS work history also includes a stint on the Projects team, where she worked with Penton Media on their consolidation project.  Penton's Carver Bonine was very pleased with her work.  "It's difficult to narrow in on only one outstanding aspect of working with Angie," he says.  "From the onset of the monster Penton project, she exhibited incredible cheer and optimism.  As our upgrade/consolidation project manager, she was very adept at all the organizational, technical, and personnel hurdles that come with the territory.  In the thick of things, when we didn't quite get it yet, she held our hands and when we got overloaded, she pitched in and carried us a time or two.  After go live, when we were still plodding through issues, Angie reminded us to celebrate all we'd accomplished.   Even today, when I call up in a panic thinking the sky is falling, she finds a way to remind me that it's probably not as bad as I might think.  If I had to pick one thing Angie does better than everyone else, it's having an attitude that is inspirational."

A methodical person, Angie likes making lists and being able to cross tasks off as she accomplishes them.  She prefers a day completing many small tasks, although according to all her past and present managers, she performs excellently on large ongoing projects as well. The Support Center functions nicely as a team, and Angie credits supervisor Ev Acton with making that happen.  "Ev is an effective manager without being overbearing," says Angie.  "Ev is there to support you if you need it," Angie explains, "but trusts you to follow through and get things done."

Co-worker Molly Mathe feels this way about working with Angie:  "Angie is someone I can count on to bounce ideas off of, troubleshoot problems with, or just laugh with. She has the ability to make an insane day become very sane."

Angie grew up in Bay City, Michigan and attended Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, where she earned a dual bachelor's degree in math and computer science.  During college, she was a co-op student at Dow Corning and then took a job there after graduation.  She moved to the Ann Arbor area in 2000 and joined ACS that September.

Angie lives in Dexter with her daughter, Ella, 9,  her son, Camden, 7, and their cat, Mabel.  With Ella's involvement in soccer, gymnastics and learning the violin and Cam's flag football, wrestling and basketball, Angie is always on the go.  But she manages to find time to indulge in her hobby of running—whether it is on local roads, hills and trails or in organized 5K, 10K or marathon runs.  When she's not running, she heads to the nearby gym to attend a spin class or to swim laps in the pool. And for fun at home, she and the kids are usually playing in the yard or enjoying board or video games. She is also enjoying decorating their new home so that it reflects their personality and active lifestyle.

With all that she does, Angie's shoes would be hard to fill.  If you could catch her, that is.

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