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Bayard Milan Goes Live on Advantage

Milan is a large publisher of regional and youth magazines based in Toulouse, France. It was purchased by Bayard in 2004.  The year-long Bayard Milan in-conversion project went live on Advantage in early May.   Data entry began on the 4th, and the combined processing with both Bayard and Milan orders ran successfully. The Milan websites were also integrated with Advantage during the project and have seen increased traffic compared to their previous sites.  With Milan activity now on Advantage, Bayard is planning to implement a strategy of marketing and organizational optimization.

Benoit Marchal, Anne-Marie Massiot and Corinne Cabirol teamed up on the project on the Milan side. They have been strongly supported by Bayard team, managed by Emmanuel Chevalier.

On the ACS side, Project Manager Levi Hyssong was largely responsible for the project being accomplished on time.  Philippe van Mastrigt assisted Bayard on site in Paris. Others at ACS who worked on the project were Angie Markel, Kathie Porter, Karl Davis, Bryan Varblow and Dave Rees.

Congratulations to Bayard Milan and the project teams!




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