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Bayard Presse Implementing Phase II on Advantage

Bayard Presse first went live on Advantage with its subscription fulfillment and marketing operations in July of 2007. Bayard is one of the top five publishers in France and circulation of their 45 publications - serving the youth, senior and religious markets - totals more than 2.8 million. Bayard has approximately 250 users who provide customer service and perform order processing. These users are distributed mainly between four service vendors, along with some outsourced operations in Madagascar and Slovakia.

When Bayard decided to implement Advantage, they had a global strategy: to develop a multi-channel, multi-product and customer-centered fulfillment and marketing operation. Due to the large scope of the project, it was divided into two phases. Phase I laid the foundation with the implementation of subscription products and Phase II will allow Bayard to employ more of its global strategy as it brings books and other products online.
Components of Phase II include Product Order (PRO), Book Club (BCL), and a Web integration project.

The PRO project is expected to provide the following benefits:

  •  simplify the organization by adding PRO activity to the existing structure (internal set-up, vendors used for subscriptions, etc.) which will provide some cost savings
  • improve customer relationship management by having all information about a customer in one record
  • allow marketing of products and subscriptions together

Phase II of the Advantage implementation (PRO), is now underway, and will be used to fully integrate the catalog business with the periodicals business. PRO activity will cover a large range of products, including books, CDs, special issues, videos, toys and a "bazaar" for the three market segments, as well as combined orders with subscriptions. It will provide Bayard with Important new cross-marketing opportunities based on buying patterns of subscribers and readers ordering books and CDs.

Implementation of the Advantage Book Club module will allow Bayard to market and sell book series to special interest groups. Using the Book Club module, Bayard plans to grow this segment of their business.
The Web project is targeted for June 2009. The expected benefits of that implementation include:

  •  cost savings from reducing the amount of data entry vendors needed when customers can perform their own customer service tasks online
  • ability to make digital offers
  • additional sales ability using Advantage features

In the Website integration, Bayard is redeveloping their website to incorporate eCommerce integration with Advantage. At this time, they will also redesign their eCommerce websites, with new graphics, more ergonomic s, and features for making new marketing offers. The web integration will be done in conjunction with an upgrade to 2009R1, to take advantage of 24/7 availability and integration with the Access Management and Billing (AMB) module. Bayard will use AMB as a strategic tool for expanding business with readers in all segments. As this part of Phase II is completed, Bayard will implement AMB to control access to online digital content for their youth market readers.

The Product Order and Book Club parts of Phase II will be completed for a January launch, and eCommerce functionality go-live is targeted for early summer 2009. Phase II will be a major step forward in Bayard's use of Advantage as a strategic system for enhancing their product offering and streamlining their services for readers. ACS is excited to see the important strides this major French publisher is taking to leverage the functionality provided across the breadth of Advantage modules.

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