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Bayard Presse VPC Goes Live on Advantage

Bayard's Product Order (PRO) activity--called VPC (Vente par Correspondance) in French--went live on Advantage in early January 2009.  Establishing a multi-product, multi-channel approach around its customers was a key component of Bayard's decision to move the VPC business onto Advantage. Bayard chose Advantage initially in large part because of the multi-product capabilities and with PRO running on Advantage, they are able to perform total e-commerce integration.

Bayard's implementation strategy called for moving the product order business onto Advantage in a second phase, after the initial implementation of subscriptions was successfully completed in July 2007. This strategy enabled Bayard to gain significant expertise with the Advantage Inventory and Product Order modules through its sophisticated handling and fulfillment of premiums linked to subscriptions. Thus, when the VPC project started, Bayard staff already had considerable training and expertise with the inventory and product order handling in Advantage. This allowed Bayard to rapidly move the 150k+ annual VPC orders onto Advantage.

Prior to running VPC on Advantage, Bayard's product order activity was fully outsourced and separated from its subscription business. Now, with both subscriptions and VPC running on Advantage, opportunities for integrated customer service and marketing have been greatly increased. Bayard has since gone live on the 2009r1 revision and is looking forward to completing their web integration project, planned for go live soon.

The VPC project was run by a core team around Emmanuel Chevalier, including Alexis Berniot (administration), Naura Talbi (set up), Catherine Galland and Virginie Motte (fulfillment), Astrid Neujahr (customer service) and Alain Dubois (distribution). It was supported by Philippe van Mastrigt and Timothy Zapawa at ACS.

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