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Bienvenue to Vidal

ACS is happy to announce the addition of Vidal, our third client based in France. (Bayard Presse was the first, and Agora France became the second, going live in October 2008). Vidal became a client in mid-November and the implementation is well underway. Located in Issy-les-Moulineaux, just outside of Paris, Vidal publishes medical information to French healthcare professionals. They publish a well-known book which provides drug interaction information to medical professionals. They also publish a variety of other products including: subscription-based newsletters, electronic subscriptions, advertising and other one-off products.

Vidal began searching for a new system early in 2008 and was interested in seeing Advantage because they knew that Bayard Presse had gone live successfully on it. At a software presentation at Vidal's office in June, they were impressed with the functionality of Advantage and found that it could handle their business with little or no modification. After a six month evaluation of both French and American software systems, the decision was made that Advantage was the best product on the market and that it matched all of their needs.

Claire Baldeyrou, Vidal's CFO and executive sponsor of the project, has this to say about Advantage: "The functionality of Advantage is up-to-date and constantly improving to follow market trends." And regarding the project, Claire says: "The professionalism of both teams in Paris and Ann Arbor, Michigan is a great comfort (even if everyone does not speak French!)"

Levi Hyssong is the ACS project manager, working closely with Philippe van-Mastrigt as the European Project Director. The Vidal team includes Claire Baldeyrou as the executive sponsor and Martine Thiery as the project manager. Go-live is planned for mid-2009.

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