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Advantage Software: Billing Promotion Codes on Payments

In order to see how well a billing promotion did, you need to have your customer service reps enter the billing promotion code when entering the payment. You can enforce entry of a billing promotion code during payment entry at the view and in the Sequential Payment Upload process (ARP192) using the ARP option BLPRMREQ. But perhaps the CSR doesn’t always have the billing promotion code readily available when they are entering the payment. How can you successfully record the billing promotion code on the payment?


The Billing Promotion Assignment option is used to set a keyword for your CSR’s to enter during payment entry. During payment entry at the view and in the Sequential Payment Upload process (ARP192), use of this keyword in the Promotion Code field causes the system to look up the “last billing promotion sent” for the debit in question. This promotion is then used on the payment transaction.

In cases when the debit has not yet been billed and the “last billing promotion sent” is blank for the debit, entry of the BLPRMASN keyword will causes the system to set the promotion to the billing promotion code found in ARP option PRMASNDF. If this option is blank, then the system will treat this as an error. Note that the value in ARP option PRMASNDF must be a valid promotion defined at the promotions view (CPNPMO).

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