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Boy Scouts Approach Centennial – and Upgrade Advantage

The Boy Scouts of America will celebrate 100 years of Scouting in February 2010.  This year has been a busy one for the Scouts as they have planned events all across the country to commemorate the upcoming milestone.   They also recently went live on a new revision of Advantage, which involved a platform migration as well.

The upgrade project was an ambitious one, moving from Advantage 2003R1 to 2009R1 plus a migration from UNIX Oracle to Windows and SQL Server.  It went smoothly and was heralded as a great success by both ACS and the Boy Scouts.  The data port and upgrade scripts were completed in about 40 hours, which allowed the Boy Scouts to upgrade within a normal two-day weekend.

The benefits have been remarkable, including:

o   Using multi-queues, their Cycle Ends went from 6 hours to 1 ½ hours.

o   Much faster CIR210 postings

o   Cycle Ends and Distribution went from 22 hours down to a total of 6

 "The project was well organized and I was very impressed with how ACS handled the data migration from one database to another," said Judy Bramlett, Customer Relations Manager at the Boy Scouts.  "The data migration and upgrade scripts were very efficient and allowed us to cutover with minimal down time."

Judy went on to describe her opinion of the new release:  "I'm very impressed with the new revision of the software and from an end-user perspective, there are many benefits.  These include:

o   Better, more intuitive screens mean less end-user training.  Our end-users love the new Process Request display and all the list views.

o   Nightly posting runs much faster.

o   Postings, and distribution processes all run much faster – allowing me to spend less time monitoring the running of processes and more time managing our business.

Paul DesRosiers, the Director of Upgrade Projects, says: "This project was a great example of ACS and BSA working together to plan a large scale project and deliver on every front.  From planning to training, to setup, to execution, the project ran very well and achieved each and every objective.  ACS invests hundreds of hours of development work into each revision of the software.  This project immediately recognized the benefits of those efforts – from the new user interface, to the streamlined order entry, to the optimized posting and cycle end processes."

On the ACS side, many other people were involved.   Mona Hidayet and Bob Thornton acted as account managers.  Philippe Rowland was the project manager and Martha Krieg the lead engineer.  Larry Kleber ran the upgrade scripts and Ray Zick worked on the data migration.

Congratulations, Boy Scouts, on a successful upgrade and Happy 100th Birthday!

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