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Can AdvantageCS Be Your Sixth Man?

Recently our contact at a major client organization called to announce that they’d been sold to a new parent, and, oh by the way, their internal Advantage support team had all been let go, so could we please keep the Advantage operation running while the new owners sorted out the whole thing?

Fortunately, we had a longstanding relationship with the new CEO, and by that evening, we’d jumped into the driver’s seat, taking control of their Advantage production operations, and internal user helpdesk. They experienced uninterrupted Advantage service, running all commercial transactions for their publishing operation without a hitch. And it looks like we’ll have a six-month managed services program in place tomorrow for continuing this service while the new organization determines how they want to run their Advantage system in the years to come.

In a week, I’ll be heading to northern Europe with a large team of AdvantageCSers for eAUG, our annual European Advantage Users Group meeting. Naturally, my schedule is packed with visits to our clients in that region. Two of these meetings involve solidifying plans for AdvantageCS managed services, similar to what we put in place for our client with the emergency from last week. Both these clients want to leverage their Advantage technical teams to focus on the front-end business of Advantage, including strategic Advantage projects for marketing analysis, growth opportunities, diversification of product offerings and more.

AdvantageCS is uniquely positioned to provide stability and proficiency in offering managed services to Advantage clients, due to our own long-term stability and staff expertise, combined with long-standing relationships with many clients. Sometimes our analysts know a client’s business operations on Advantage as well as anyone at the client company. This means we really can step in instantly as an extension of their own staff.

Would you like more AdvantageCS help with managed Advantage services? Please give me a call, or contact your account manager. We’re glad we can REALLY get to know you, and that you know you can depend on us!

Note: The sixth man in basketball is a player who is not a starter but comes off the bench much more often than other reserves, often being the first player to be substituted in.


Tom Burbeck is the executive vice president at AdvantageCS and oversees the entire Client Services division.

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