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Can CRM Help Make Your Life Easier?

CRM is a common term with many different meanings. Advantage's Contact Management (CRM) module is a comprehensive project- and task-management solution that supports such activities as selling your organization's products and services, collecting information about a prospect company, resolving customer problems, etc. While Contact Management uses some Advantage features in common with customer service---such as logging customer notes---the CRM module helps you achieve larger goals.

For instance, let's say you have the goal of making a sale to a company involving a significant amount of money. CRM provides a way to conduct and monitor your sales efforts, which may include the following: projects, contacts (the people linked to the project), tasks (the project's to-do items), contact communication, and history. All of these elements of a project are accessible from a single tabbed dialog box.
You can categorize CRM tasks, assign them priority rankings, send notification of completion (to a supervisor, for example), and even set a reminder for your desktop as the task deadline approaches.

The advantage (pun intended) of the CRM module is that it offers you a tool that is integrated with the Advantage application, providing you with these benefits: avoiding the need to route between applications, working within a consolidated task and notes database, and having the ability to assign tasks for follow-up to other Advantage users. These are things an alternative third-party package cannot do.

In addition, the CRM125 upload process allows you to create tasks and optionally link them to stored images. You could use this process to mass-create a set of customer service tasks; following up on illegible or unusable mail-in cards, for example, with an image of the card linked to each task. You could then load these tasks into a general user pool, to be addressed by available reps.

The main CRM workspace shows information specific to each user, including her or his open tasks, the tasks due today, the tasks due this week, and overdue tasks. The CRM module lets you easily assign tasks to a pool of users, or transfer tasks (and their history) from one user to another.

Whatever your task management needs, the CRM solution is the ideal tool for Advantage users of all levels, and the perfect fit for your integrated Advantage environment.

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